Foods That Can Greatly Impact Your Oral Health

You probably realize that eating sugary, sticky foods are harmful for your teeth. What is also important to understand is that there are foods and drinks that are helpful to your oral health as well. When you get the right nutrients in your diet and when you properly flush harmful bacteria from your mouth, you will have a healthier smile. When you keep your mouth well-hydrated and you give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs for healthy teeth and gums, you will see your oral health improve.

Crunchy Vegetables are Excellent for Your Teeth

At Rocky Mount SmileMakers, we believe in getting enough crunchy vegetables in your diet every day. While vegetables can provide you with many nutrients that your gums and teeth need to remain healthy, crunchy vegetables also act as a mild abrasive on your teeth. The crunching motion helps clean your teeth in between brushing, providing you with plaque and bacteria removal simply from eating good food. In addition, you need plenty of vitamin C in your diet to keep your gums healthy, vitamin D and calcium to keep your bones strong.

Water Is Great for Your Whole Body

You need plenty of water every day in order to remain healthy. When you drink water instead of sugary beverages, you are helping your teeth stay clean. Water helps wash away any harmful bacteria that may be building up and gives your gums the hydration they need. If you suffer from dry mouth, your gums and teeth can suffer. Drinking enough water every day helps reduce the symptoms caused from dry mouth, a problem that can occur for any number of reasons.

Get Plenty of Calcium in Your Diet

Your teeth are made of bone, and if you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, your teeth will suffer. You can get calcium from most dairy products, some fruits and vegetables, and from food that is fortified with calcium. If you don’t like to eat dairy, there are plenty of other choices for you to consider. When you get enough calcium, the bones throughout your body will get the nourishment they need to remain strong.

At Rocky Mount SmileMakers, we are ready to talk with you about any of your oral health concerns. If it’s been awhile since your last visit, it’s time to schedule a cleaning to ensure the proper care of your mouth. Your oral health can greatly impact your overall health, and it’s time to take your oral health seriously.

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